Tuition Information

Payment Schedule


$50.00 per family if paid before July 1st.

$75.00 per family if paid after July 1st.


$1850 per year for the 1st student in the family

$1750 per year for the 2nd student

$1650 per year for the 3rd student

$1550 per year for the 4th student

deduct $100.00 per year for each additional student.

Tuition bills are sent on the 1st of every month August – May.  Each bill is due by the 30th of the month.


Students typically complete 12 paces per year in each subject.  This is a average of 60 paces per year.  This number may be higher or lower depending how quickly the student progresses through their work.

Paces cost $6.50 each.  A pace is added to the monthly bill the month after the student completes it.

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